Hello fellow Velo MSM trail users:

We recently had an altercation on one of the trails (Cookie’s Climb) where a dog veered off the trail ( on two separate occasions) and chased a residents cat up a tree. While this does not seem worthy of a post on the Velo website it was the ensuing altercation with the landowner that makes this note pertinent. The individual(s) who owned the dog were rude to the resident and claimed that the trails are public property and they can do what they want.

For the record all the trails at MSM are on private land and we have been given permission by the land owners to use their land for the Velo trails. The trail in question, (Cookies Climb) runs through a number of private residents properties and those residents have been generous enough to allow Velo to use their property for our trails.

We would ask that anyone who uses the trails at MSM to keep in mind that you are on private property and treat the trails and property with the utmost respect. If you are riding, walking, running with dogs please ensure they are kept under control and are not left to roam randomly around the property.

It is these types of incidents that can ruin a great initiative for all those that use the trails and enjoy what we have accomplished at MSM.

The Velo Committee have invested a huge amount of personal time into the trails at MSM and enjoy a great relationship with the owners of the property and the families who own private residences on the property.

Let’s not damage this over situations that are avoidable.

Thanks very much and stay tuned for updates on our initiatives for next year.

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Prenez l’autoroute 5 Nord à travers Gatineau (secteur Hull), puis la 105 Nord. Restez sur la 105 et suivez les panneaux indiquant le chemin vers le mont Sainte-Marie (le temps de route est d’environ 1h10).

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