Trail Days – May 20th and 27th, 2017

Trail Days – May 20th and 27th, 2017

Velo MSM is hosting its first trail days of the year on May 20th and 27th. The main trail day is on the 27th, but we will do some best effort on the 20th. The heavy rains of this spring have done some damage to Growler, we have work do to make it rideable again. The...

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Prenez l’autoroute 5 Nord à travers Gatineau (secteur Hull), puis la 105 Nord. Restez sur la 105 et suivez les panneaux indiquant le chemin vers le mont Sainte-Marie (le temps de route est d’environ 1h10).

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The Velo MSM trails are funded through donations, grants and other fundraising activities. Velo MSM as a wing of Club Mont Ste Marie is a completely not for profit organization. In order to continue development of the trails we need your help! Financial and labour contributions will ensure that the Velo MSM trails continue their progression as the best in the region!