The ski resort owner allows camping in the main parking lot. Camping at the beach is forbidden. There is a single washroom in the lower ski lodge that Velo MSM pays to have cleaned so please be tidy. Please take all garbage with you and do not build campfires.

Lift Days

The lift days are operated by the Mont Ste Marie ski resort management, not the volunteer group of Velo MSM. Please check www.montstemarie.com or inquire with info@montstemarie.com or message them through their social accounts.

Mountain Fest

There will be no Mountain Fest in 2022. Check back next year!

Membres corporatif

Nous tenons à remercier nos membres corporatifs pour leur soutien continu. Veuillez envisager de soutenir nos membres corporatifs par votre mécénat. Les soutenir, c’est soutenir votre addiction au vélo de montagne !