The pandemic has affected many things, recently there has been a problem with the Velo Quebec member insurance affecting Velo MSM and all Quebec clubs. We hope to have this resolved in the very near future, but for the time being all trails are closed for all usage.

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Trail Status: Closed

Based on the approval of the government of Quebec and the Quebec cycling association. Velo MSM is ready to open trails with Covid-19 restrictions.

We understand that outdoor recreation is a big part of your daily and weekend routine. To help keep each other safe and the trails open, we ask that you follow the guidelines presented here. As we continue our efforts to protect each other until COVID-19 is under control, trail etiquette is more important than ever. Thank you!

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Wet Conditions

Wet Conditions

All bikers and hikers, please refrain from using the Velo MSM trails during this rapid spring thaw. The trails remain officially closed, with the added reason that they are too wet to support traffic. With the ongoing rapid melt, and double digit temperatures, we ask...

Fat Biking at Velo MSM

Fat Biking at Velo MSM

Important update regarding Fat Biking at Velo MSM: There can be no Fat Biking on the mountain during ski operations - nor on any trails that are on the mountain adjacent to ski runs. Fat Biking can be done on the trails at the bottom of the mountain and around the...

***UPDATED*** Washroom facilities

***UPDATED*** Washroom facilities

Crisis averted! As of this Friday the Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie will generously provide two portable toilets. We want to thank the Municipality for their generosity . As a volunteer organization, Velo MSM is happy to get our hands dirty, but our expertise is in...


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Velo MSM

Prenez l’autoroute 5 Nord à travers Gatineau (secteur Hull), puis la 105 Nord. Restez sur la 105 et suivez les panneaux indiquant le chemin vers le mont Sainte-Marie (le temps de route est d’environ 1h10).

Itinéraire à Velo MSM

Make It Great - Donate!

The Velo MSM trails are funded through donations, grants and other fundraising activities. Velo MSM as a wing of Club Mont Ste Marie is a completely not for profit organization. In order to continue development of the trails we need your help! Financial and labour contributions will ensure that the Velo MSM trails continue their progression as the best in the region!