Please help us clean them up if you find debris from the winter. Also the trails at the top of the mountain will be wetter – likely with snow in some places. The radar climb will likely have snow on it where ever it passes a ski run. Please be careful and try to minimize any damage (ride through wet spots, not around).


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Velo MSM

Take Highway 5 north through Gatineau (Hull sector), then catch the 105 North. Stay on the 105 and follow the signs to Mont-Ste-Marie. Get directions to Velo MSM

Make It Great - Donate!

The Velo MSM trails are funded through donations, grants and other fundraising activities. Velo MSM as a wing of Club Mont Ste Marie is a completely not for profit organization. In order to continue development of the trails we need your help! Financial and labour contributions will ensure that the Velo MSM trails continue their progression as the best in the region!