Winter Biking

at Velo MSM

Fat Biking Guidelines

  • To ride on Velo MSM trails we ask that everyone purchase a membership – whether for the day or the year. These can be purchased from our website. 2022 membership tags will be available from late December 2021 onwards.
  • We have a trail groomer that was the result of a big volunteer fundraising effort and is operated by a volunteer – we are able to groom only some of the trails, and cannot guarantee this is done on a regular basis. If the trails are groomed when you are on them, you are in luck!
  • When the trails get groomed, we will put an update out on social media to tell people which ones have been done.
  • Please try to stay off freshly groomed trails until the next day to allow the surface to firm up.
  • We make no promises regarding the condition of the trails – ride at your own risk – winter weather and use by different people (walking, snowshoeing, xc skiing) creates different conditions.
  • Please DO NOT ride the upper mountain trails while the ski hill is running – bikers are not to be crossing the ski runs (anywhere on the mountain).

Corporate Members

We would like to thank our corporate members for their continued support. Please consider supporting our corporate members through your patronage. Supporting them is supporting your addiction to mountain biking!