Velo MSM was created in 2009 by a group of community members at Mont Ste Marie who wanted to create a recreational trail network in the region that took advantage of the beautiful hills, lakes, and forests in the region to for an exciting and sustainable experience for all users. The group has been raising funds through special events, membership drives, corporate sponsorship and government grants in order to fund the development of the trails.

The Velo MSM organization is a volunteer group that develops trails for mountain biking, running, hiking, snowshoeing, winter fat biking and other recreational activities in Mont Ste Marie, Quebec.

Velo MSM is a chapter of Club MSM. Our trails exist due to effort of the volunteer community, the support of the land owners, our amazing trail building crews, Mont Ste Marie ski and golf, and all our wonderful members and corporate supporters. We will continue to invest in building new trails, maintaining the existing ones, and creating new reasons to love being at Mont Ste Marie.

Corporate Members

We would like to thank our corporate members for their ongoing support. Please consider supporting our corporate members through your patronage. Supporting them is supporting your riding addiction!